Only 2% of fuel samples in 2010 pointed to smuggling – GEA

Only 2% of 24,329 samples taken in 2010 showed significant adulteration – a sign of smuggled fuel – the Guyana Energy Agency said today.

A release from the GEA said that last year the Fuel Marking Programme of the Guyana Energy Agency sampled and tested fuel in all parts of the country.

Some 24, 329 samples were analysed and 21,000 gallons of fuel were seized in 2010.

The GEA said that of the 24,329 samples analysed during 2010, significant levels of adulteration (defined as more than 50%) were detected in 2% of the samples analysed.  It noted that from 2006 to 2010, the percentage of sites found with significant dilution in at least one tank has progressively fallen from 34% in 2006 to 3% in 2010.

“The data suggests that either fewer sites are dealing in illegal fuel or that illegal fuel is no longer stored on site.  We believe that the Fuel Marking Programme is contributing to a reduction in the number of sites dealing with illegal fuel.  Taking into consideration that more sites were visited, that more samples were collected and analysed, that a similar number of incidents of illegal fuel were detected, and that less fuel was seized in 2010 than in 2009, one can infer that this is a measure of the sustained effectiveness of the Fuel Marking Programme”, the release said.

Gas consumption up

The GEA release also revealed that consumption of mogas (gasoline) for the year 2010 increased by 5.34% when compared to 2009.  “The increase in mogas consumption correlates with the increase in the number of motor vehicles registered in 2010”, the release added.

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