Fisherman stabbed to death at No.79

A fisherman of No. 79 Village, Skeldon was stabbed to death with a broken bottle around 8:15 pm on Sunday and his 19-year-old attacker has been taken into custody.

Krishendat ‘Sham’ Khalandawell, 41, stained a gaping wound to his neck [about four inches long] which left him bleeding profusely. He was rushed to the Skeldon Hospital where he was pronounced dead on arrival.

He also suffered two injuries to his left hand, one on his right foot and one on his back, according to his wife, Hazra Khan called ‘Rita.’

She told Stabroek News yesterday that her husband “had a few drinks at home” and after that she left with him to go out on the road for a walk.

Krishendat Khalandawell

At the same time, the attacker who also seemed to be under the influence of alcohol, was “performing” [misbehaving] in front of his home.

She said they were looking at what was taking place when the attacker, who had an old grouse with Khalandawell sometime last year, began cursing him and asked what he was looking at.

Her husband told the attacker not to curse him because he did not do him anything. They then went to his parents’ house to complain. Despite the grouse, the two had been on speaking terms.

Shortly after, the man took $500 from her to go out and purchase a Guinness beer. She warned him to come back quickly because “me din want him to be involved.”

She recalled that less than 15 minutes later she received a call that her husband was injured and was “bleeding out.”

When she reached the scene a short distance away from home a large crowd had already gathered. She learnt that he was stabbed on the road and he jumped into an aunt’s yard to escape the attack before collapsing.

The distraught Khan said she started to “shake he and beg he fuh talk to me… But he din even move.” She said when they got to the hospital and the doctor confirmed that he was dead she started to holler.

A post-mortem examination proved that he died from shock and hemorrhage due to a wound to the neck.

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