Kingelly woman fined $10,000 for neglecting children

The woman charged with neglecting her children at Kingelly, West Coast Berbice was fined $10,000 when she appeared at the Blairmont Court yesterday and pleaded guilty to the offence.

Reports are that Nesta Mc Kenzie, 29, left her two children, ages two months and five years old alone at home while she went out to the rum shop on Friday morning.

Attorney-at-law, Joel Persid Edmond made representations on behalf of the woman and pleaded with Magistrate Ruby Benn to have mercy on her.

He said too that the woman needs rehabilitation.

The magistrate then imposed the fine which her relatives paid, or an alternative of 21 days imprisonment. He also ordered the woman to report to the probation office at Fort Wellington twice weekly.

The children have since been placed in the care of the woman’s relatives.

Officers from the Probation & Social Services, one of whom is attached to the Child Care & Protection Agency had received information that the woman, a habitual drinker had made one of her regular trips to the rum shop.

They swooped down on the home and found the baby on the floor. His brother who had made himself some “sugar water” was sitting in a chair drinking it from an old margarine container.

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