GPHC’s Critical Care Nursing Programme to start in June

Two nursing personnel attach-ed to the Operation Renewed Hope Charitable Organiza-tion, Fayetteville, North Carolina, USA, have been working with Georgetown Public Hospital’s Nursing Services’ Directorate to finalize plans for the implementation of a proposed Critical Care Nursing Programme.

‘Infuse’ is the educational branch of the organization that will be facilitating this programme, a release from the GPHC said.

The organization has been in discussions with several key personnel at GPHC, including  Chief Executive Officer, Michael Khan, Director of Medical and Pro-fessional Services, Dr. Madan Rambaran, and Director of Nursing Services, Audrey Corry.

The nursing programme, the release stated, is proposed to be a one-year certified comprehensive one, which will be owned by GPHC and recognized internationally.

Operation Renewed Hope Charitable Organization conducts Medical Missions/ Outreaches in various countries ranging from India to Cambodia.

Their last visit to Guyana was in 2006 when they conducted several medical clinics under the auspices of the Ministry of Health.

The group includes all categories of medical, nursing and other professionals. The two members who are currently working with GPHC staff are Christy Holshouser, RN, MSN, FNP (Family Nurse Practitioner), a Paedia-tric ICU Nurse of Brenner Children’s Hospital affiliated with Wake Forest University Baptist Medical Center in North Carolina; and  Laura Brodwater, RN, BSN, MS (Master’s in Counseling) a General Surgery Nurse of Greenville Hospital System in South Carolina, USA.

In light of the growth of the GPHC and the increased needs of the population in the area of critical care, management recognized the need for the continued improved capacity of the nursing staff and so  this programme was designed and is proposed to commence in June 2011, the release said.

According to Coordinator In-service Education for Nurses, Owen John, Assistant Director, Nursing Services, the initial batch of participants will comprise  fifteen Registered Nurses, some of whom may come from other health care institutions.

The programme will be facilitated by both local and overseas trainers who are currently in the process of finalizing the curriculum.

It is also the goal of management to have the programme accredited by the General Nursing Council of Guyana and the University of Guyana.

The main purpose of the group’s current visit to Guyana is to help supplement the capacity of GPHC nurses and to refine the proposal for the critical care nursing programme, which is near completion.

They will also make the necessary preparations for the delivery of the programme, which will include scheduling, simulation exercises, and setting the stage for distance education learning, and training of trainers who will become the facilitators of the programme after they would have completed the initial training, and make recommendations for overseas critical care nurses to work with GPHC staff.

The group also expressed satisfaction with the level of collaboration they have received from the staff at GPHC, the release concluded.

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