Drivers in Canje double fatality have licences suspended

Two Canje residents had their driver’s licenses suspended pending the outcome of a causing death by dangerous driving case following a fatal accident last June.

Police said in a press release yesterday that Seon Ramsaran and Steve Ramsarran, both of Sheet Anchor Village, Corentyne, Berbice, have been charged with causing death by dangerous driving following investigations into a fatal accident that occurred on June 10, 2010, at Number 2 Public Road, Canje, Berbice.

Sureshdyal Kalipersaud

As a consequence their driver’s licences have been suspended pending the outcome of the matter.

The two drivers had appeared before Magistrate Adela Nagamootoo last year and were remanded to prison.

According to reports, Steve Ramsarran, 23, whose address had been given as 58 Stanleytown, Berbice, had been driving motorcar HB 6777, while Seon Ramsaran, 29, called ‘Fat Boy’ of Lot 4 Sheet Anchor, East Canje, Berbice, was driving motorcar HB 7214. Sureshdyal ‘Aemron’ Kalipersaud, 28, a mechanic who lived in Tortola, British Virgin Islands and Tony ‘Rocky’ Tayloo, 25, a pedal cyclist died in that accident.

Tony Tayloo

It had been reported that on the day in question the two drivers were racing their cars along the road when they collided and both drivers lost control causing the deaths of Tayloo and Kalipersaud.

Reports were that the two cars were racing along the Number Two road around 19:30 hrs when they came upon a cow that was on the highway. The cars collided and HB 6777 careened off the road into a verandah of a house.

The car ripped away the front fence, uprooted one of the house’s posts and finally 3ame to rest on the fence separating that yard from the neighbour’s.

Seon Ramsaran

Meanwhile, HB 7214 turned turtle a few times during which it stuck Tayloo who was cycling along the road on his way to purchase phone cards, reportedly killing him instantly.

Kalipersaud, who was in the vehicle, fell out. The car then ended up in the drain at the side of the road with Ramsarran halfway out of the vehicle.

They were all picked up and rushed to the New Amsterdam hospital, where Tayloo was pronounced dead on arrival. Kalipersaud died subsequently.

Steve Ramsarran

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