Suriname seeks ACP help to use up EU funds

(De Ware Tijd) ROTTERDAM – Suriname has called in the assistance of the ACP (African, Caribbean and Pacific group) for the full utilization of funds available from the European Union (EU). In the past, millions of Euros flowed back to the EU as Suriname did not have the capacity to utilize the allocated funds. “That is why it is necessary to call in expertise from the ACP”, says Parliamentarian Oesman Wangsabesari. He is member of a Parliamentary delegation that held talks with officials of the ACP Secretariat last week. The Secretariat is willing to hold training courses and other sessions in Suriname and assist in identifying projects and how to adequately and effectively make use of EU funds. Delegation leader Rabin Parmessar tells DWT that the proposal will be presented to Parliament and the government.

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