WIPA Board unanimously backs Ramnarine

In the wake of the declaration by the West Indies Cricket Board that it won’t be dealing with the players association President Dinanath Ramnarine unless he changes his behaviour, the West Indies Players Association has issued a statement in support of him. The statement follows.

(WIPA) The WIPA board wishes to make clear that it has complete confidence in its President and CEO Mr. Dinanath Ramnarine who continues to have full authority to represent WIPA in all matters. Simply, Ramnarine’s performance record speaks volumes. His dedication and successes in advocating players’ rights speak for themselves. Moreover, he remains committed to constructively dialogue with the WICB on all matters as he has ably done in the past.

WIPA fully expects that there will be no difficulty with the WICB dealing with any WIPA personnel since WIPA is prepared to deal with any WICB representatives and does deal with any WICB representatives even when WIPA considers that representative a bad choice whose conduct is unbecoming and expects reciprocity from the WICB. WIPA is confident and appreciative that its representatives are able to operate at all levels, deal with the give-and-take in tough negotiations and do not have to withdraw when the going gets tough. In that vein, the WIPA board is disappointed by WICB’s street tactics in attempting to construe fervent negotiations as something more. Unequivocally, Ramnarine has not in any way or at any time acted unreasonably or in a manner that undermines his professionalism or commitment to getting the job at hand done.

WIPA is satisfied with the report it has received from its representatives and members at the meeting and calls on Mr. Hilaire to make an unreserved and unconditional withdrawal and apology to Mr. Dinanath Ramnarine for the defamatory remarks he has made at the meeting within the next seven days

We also note that there has been no announcement of any disciplinary proceedings being brought against Mr. Hilaire for his conduct at the Meeting on June 14th 2011 with regard to Mr. Dinanath Ramnarine and, should the WICB fail to take the necessary steps to deal with this matter, a strong inference may be drawn that his unacceptable behavior has been condoned by the WICB and that is a very serious matter.

The WIPA Board is fully aware of the WICB’s overall plan which appears to have been in existence since late 2009 and therefore is not surprised by the contents of this release at this time and continues to focus on its mandate to represent its members for their betterment and that of West Indies cricket.

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