Suriname gets professional training for security guards

(De Ware Tijd) THE HAGUE — Suriname will get a professional training for security personnel.

Professor Krishna Gopal will establish the Kurodaiya Training and Education Centre (KTEC) for security training. Talks with the Minister of Justice and police have been going on for some time. Officially, Gopal may call himself policy advisor. He thinks the branch should be regulated as the security guards in shops and businesses have had minimal or no training at all. Security men show a great lack of communicative skills especially in situations that threaten to escalate they are at a loss. Gopal blames this on their lack of good training. The violence management-programs of Kurodaiya are not unknown in Suriname. There have already been shooting-training courses for the prison guards, soldiers and bodyguards. A training course will last 6 months.

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