City Council workers get May pay

The Mayor and City Council (MCC) says it is grateful for the commitment its workers displayed by continuing to perform their duties even though a “significant percentage” of them did not receive their wages and salaries for May month until yesterday.

In a press release the Council said it is aware that its workers understand the financial constraints under which it is operating and it appreciates their continued service while they waited for salaries due to them.

However, the Council contends that its “revenue base is too narrow to carry the heavy burden of providing all the services and facilities citizens have come to expect of its various agencies.” It noted that its expenditure has been racing ahead of its revenue for years and this worrying gap is inhibiting its performance and ability to provide needed services.

According to the Council wages and salaries account for 41% of its total expenditure and as such it had taken a decision not to fill a number of vacancies as it was struggling to meet its expenses.

As such “Many departments are working below the budgeted strength” and the Council is contemplating restructuring its workforce in order to facilitate greater efficiency in its Georgetown operations.

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