Gov’t cable being extended to city

The project to lay the government’s fibre optic cable has been extended from Providence to Castellani House, senior government engineer Walter Willis says.

Willis said that notice about laying the additional 11.2 kilometres of cable was first given three weeks ago. Government is bringing a cable from neighbouring Brazil to help with its e-governance initiative.  The government’s Intelligence Agency is housed in the compound of Castellani House.

The original project was to lay the cable from Lethem to Providence, and this project has been completed, Willis said.

The new project to lay the cable from Providence to Castellani House is being done by G. Bovell Construction Company. Work commenced this week and Willis said that it is expected to be finished within a week.

Work on the cable commenced in January and the entire project was expected to take three and a half months. After initial delays, May 26 was identified as the new completion date to coincide with the country’s independence anniversary.

Meanwhile, Willis said that they are awaiting the improvement of the Kurupukari to Lethem road so that the splice boxes could be attached for testing of the cable to begin.

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