Torture judgment small victory for rule of law


The Alliance For Change (AFC) has hailed Justice Roxanne George’s ruling in the case of the tortured teen as a small yet profound victory for the rule of law “in an ongoing epic battle against the forces of darkness and repression” that have taken their toll on thousands seeking justice.

The party said the ruling serves to recapture many lost years when victims who sought redress for diverse violations against them, committed by the state over the many decades, either never had their actions heard and determined, or have been delayed and frustrated to the point of giving up.

“Many such judicial wrecks lie along the pathway that is supposed to lead to justice of broken lives and promises that the state could not care less to repair or even offer an apology for,” the party said yesterday at its weekly press briefing.

The judge awarded $6.5M compensation against the Attorney General and two police officers and found that the teen had been tortured and his fundamental human rights flagrantly violated.

The AFC expressed hope that the ruling will be an inspiration to Justice George’s colleagues in the judiciary and magistracy, and to every citizen who fights on the side of justice and equality.

The party said too that it was significant that International Human Rights Conventions and standards to which Guyana is a state party “but chooses more often than not, to observe more in breach” were applied in the case.

“We should not however delude ourselves into thinking that the spectre of repression has been lifted, but gird ourselves with renewed determination knowing that the battle will get hotter and nastier, but that we will prevail,” the party added.

In addition, the AFC said that it does not expect the state to assume “the crazy posture” by desiring to either appeal the decision or frustrate the payment of the awarded damages.

The party also offered congratulations to its presidential candidate Khemraj Ramjattan, who pursued the case of the teenager.

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