Walls of Mackenzie High defaced with graffiti

Students and teachers of the Mackenzie High School at Linden were this morning greeted by very explicit graffiti on the external walls of the school.

Derogatory remarks directed to the school’s head were written on the Head teacher’s office, the  wall of the form three building which is in clear view of passers-by and several boards around the school. The inscriptions were done between the close of the school day yesterday and this morning.  The act was condemned by Chairman of the Education Committee of the Regional Democratic Council and Regional Chairman Mortimer Mingo.

Sources close to the school are of the opinion that the graffiti was fuelled by angry students whose graduation was called off by the head teacher and staff. SN understands that the decision to cancel the graduation was as a result of misconduct and disrespectful behaviour on the part of a number of the students. According to a member of the school’s board the head teacher does not have the authority to cancel the graduation but would have to make a recommendation to the board.

Students were refunded their $4000 donated towards the activity. Sessions were suspended this morning to facilitate an emergency heads meeting at the school. Only students  having examinations today were kept in school.

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