Contracts inked for police, prison service buildings

The Ministry of Home Affairs last month signed 43 multi-million-dollar contracts for the building and rehabilitation of infrastructure under the 2011 current and capital work programme for the police, fire and prison services.

The Government Informa-tion Agency (GINA) said a total of $65.7M in projects was awarded for the Guyana Police Force, for the construction and rehabilitation of police outposts and stations countrywide, including at Suddie, Springlands, Mahdia and Leguan. In his address to contractors at ministry’s boardroom, Minister Clement Rohee said the ministry will enforce liquidated damages if contractors do not meet stipulated deadlines for the projects.

He also said no extensions will be given for any of the projects and urged contractors to take note of the changing weather patterns during their planning.

“I do not know why Guyanese contractors don’t like to work in the nights and if Guyana is going to develop at the pace that we would like it to be, then contractors will have to adapt and develop that capacity to do so,” GINA quoted Rohee as saying.

In pointing out some deficiencies noted among contractors, Rohee reiterated that his ministry has put a system in place to deal with defaulters.

“Some contractors even abandon the worksite and when consultants are looking for them they can’t even be found…because they have other projects that they are working on and they don’t have the workforce and capacity to deal with several projects at the same time,” he said.

The minister also noted that money being expended on the projects are public funds and that Guyanese expect value for their money.

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