Fish vendor’s condition still serious

Nirmala Sugrim, the fish vendor who was injured after the car she was travelling in collided with a minibus on Wednesday morning, remains in a serious condition at the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPH).

When this newspaper visited the GPH’s High Dependency Unit, where Sugrim is currently a patient, she was conscious. However, she said she could not recall the accident. “All me rememba is me went pan de road fuh ketch wan short drop bus fuh go big market and this woman [the driver of the car] stop and ask me if me want one drop, so meh tek de drop,” she recalled.

She continued that she was sitting in the front passenger seat of the vehicle, which was hit by the front of the bus. Sugrim said that her upper body is in pain, and she was told by the doctor that she had suffered broken ribs and injuries to her back and neck.

Stabroek News was also able to speak with the driver of the vehicle, who was visiting Sugrim at the hospital at the same time. She suffered injuries to her neck. She declined to make further comments.

It is understood that the car that Sugrim was in was travelling along Princes Street and had crossed High Street, when it was hit by a route 31 minibus.

The driver of the bus said the other driver was in the wrong, as she jumped the intersection although he had the right of way.

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