PPP/C writes GECOM on eligible persons still unregistered

PPP/C presidential candidate Donald Ramotar this morning said that his party has written to the Guyana Elections Commission (GECOM) requesting that it implements some measure to facilitate eligible persons to be registered.

Ramotar said that his party is now looking to meet with GECOM to find a resolution. Should GECOM agree to such a measure, Ramotar said that he does not anticipate that elections would be delayed by any significant length of time.

This decision, Ramotar says, comes after a review of the situation. “Yesterday, we had a review with our main organizers across the country. What we have found is similar to what the opposition parties reported,” Ramotar said, during a press briefing held at Freedom House.

Ramotar said that the party has discovered that many people both in the interior and on the coast could not have been registered because they were not able to get their source documents. He said that in some cases, persons received their birth certificates after the period of claims was over.  The Claims and Objection period ended earlier this month.

He admitted that part of the problem is that too many persons waited for the “last minute” to conduct their business and he pointed to the fact that in the month of Claims and Objections close to 17,000 persons were registered.

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