Relatives of student attack Charlestown Secondary teachers with cutlasses

-two instructors chopped

The police say they are probing an incident that occurred at the Charlestown Secondary School at about 3.40 today where relatives of a twelve-year-old student attacked teachers of the school with cutlasses, after it was alleged that the student had been assaulted by one of the teachers.

A police release said that investigations revealed that the student was allegedly assaulted by the teacher who he claimed had hit his head against a concrete wall in the school.

The release said that the student went home and returned to the school with his mother who was accompanied by some male relatives armed with cutlasses. They then attacked teachers Patrick Bourne who was chopped to his head, Tristan Prescott who was also chopped to his head and Cliffon Johnson who was cuffed to her face. They then escaped.

The three injured teachers and the student were taken to the GPHC for medical treatment.

Police say investigations are continuing.

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