WIPA agrees to meet WICB


June 24th, 2011.

WIPA Secretary to WICB 24.06.11

24th June, 2011

G. Stephen Camacho

Corporate Secretary

West Indies Cricket Board

Factory Road


Dear Mr. Camacho:

On behalf of the West Indies Players Association, I acknowledge receipt of your letter dated June 21st, 2011. As we understand it, there are two substantive issues at hand.

Firstly, the WICB is requesting that WIPA facilitates an apology from Mr. Ramnarine for his alleged threatening of the WICB CEO with a chair, as well as provide an assurance that he will no longer behave in a similar manner during future negotiations, and failing that, that we identify alternative representatives going forward.

Unfortunately, the WIPA cannot facilitate the request mentioned above on the basis that our information of what transpired at the meeting (including written accounts of the events both from Vice President Mr. Wavell Hinds and Mr. Christopher Gayle) does not support the WICB’s allegation of threatening behaviour. With regard to us identifying alternative representatives, it is our already stated position that we ought not be restricted with regard to whom from among our membership represents us, a position we feel is eminently reasonable.

The second request for a meeting of our respective Executive Committees is quite agreeable to us, and we look forward to same being convened at the earliest possible time. We would respectfully like to make the following suggestion regarding the meeting, and that is that within the next (7) days, both sides mutually agree an agenda and venue for the meeting, and also that the WICB facilitate the participation of as many WIPA representatives as possible, given the challenged nature of our organization’s finances.

We look forward to your positive response to these suggestions, as well as to the proposed meeting, as a potential first step toward reconciliation of past differences as well as the healing of West Indies cricket.

Yours sincerely,

(not signed when electronically sent)


Andrew Richardson


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