Guyanese businessman to be deported from BVI after 40 years there

According to Virgin Islands News Online (VINO), a Guyanese businessman who was found not guilty of murdering a wanted fugitive will be deported from the island tomorrow.

The British Virgin Islands report said that businessman Desmond ‘DA’ Alphonso, who has spent 40 years on the island, will be sent back here on the first flight tomorrow.

Desmond ‘DA’ Alphonso
Desmond ‘DA’ Alphonso

The report said it means that the Guyanese citizen, who is in his 40s, lost his legal battle to avoid deportation. The decision was made by the Governor Boyd McCleary.

On May 26, 2011, Governor McCleary had told VINO that “it [the decision] is something that I have to review very closely, so I will be taking my time.”

The report said that Alphonso first landed in trouble after he was charged and ultimately spent four years in prison for harbouring three murderers.

In addition Alphonso was found not guilty of killing one of the murderers – Marlon Bailey. His reputation however took a beating. The Guyanese born businessman has been living in the Virgin Islands for over 40 plus years, and has what is known as “belonger’s status”.

However,  VINO said that according to the Immigration and Passport Act of 2000, section 19, “The Governor in Council after consulting with the board can revoke a certificate of residence or any endorsement thereon on the grounds that the person to who it relates:

a.       Subsequent to the grant of such certificate has been ordinarily resident outside the Territory continuously for a period of three years.

b.      Has in any country been sentenced to imprisonment for a criminal offence for a term of one year or more.

c.       Has so conducted himself that is not in the public interest that he shall continue to enjoy the privileges conferred by the certificate.

VINO said that six character witnesses gave glowing testimonies to Alphonso’s character. For the deportation proceeding, he was represented by Stephen Daniels.

Alphonso served more than three years in Her Majesty’s Prison at Balsam Ghut after pleading guilty to helping Christopher “Marlon” Bailey, Dennis “Soupy” Campbell and Andrew “Ratty” Milton elude police in October 2006. The men were wanted for the murder of Dorcas Rhule. Alphonso, a longtime resident of Fish Bay and a well-known businessman, was later found not guilty of murdering Bailey, a Jamaican fugitive who himself was wanted for murder.

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