Probe revealed invigilator at fault in Grade Four exam incident

- ministry

The Ministry of Education says it has taken steps to ensure that there is no recurrence of the incident at Golden Grove Primary regarding the 2011 National Grade Four Assessment and noted that the exams were conducted with few hiccups at other schools.

In a press release the ministry said the assessment was administered at 450 schools countrywide. It said investigations into the incident at Golden Grove revealed that the chief invigilator did not verify the number of scripts the day prior to the assessment and was not at the school on the day of the assessment; resulting in a breach of the established rules and guidelines.

The ministry said the invigilator has been severely sanctioned and it will make a concerted effort to ensure there is no recurrence of this incident.

The ministry also said no student was deprived of their full lunch break or any of their scheduled breaks during the assessment, as had been reported in the press.

It said too claims that pupils did not have adequate furniture and were forced to sit on the floor as well as there being excessive noise during the assessments at the Santa Rosa Primary were fabricated.

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