Panic on board Caribbean Airlines flight

Passengers were thrown into panic when the Caribbean Airlines plane on which they were travelling to Barbados from Jamaica experienced cabin pressure failure yesterday afternoon, according to the Barbados Nation.

The airline today told the Associated Press that the sudden loss of cabin pressure is being investigated. The Nation report had said that there were about 150 people aboard but a Caribbean Airlines spokesperson said there were only 48 passengers on board.

One of the traumatized passengers told the Nation by telephone of total despair among the travellers when the “[oxygen] masks dropped down, followed by a loud bang”.

“People were screaming and ears were popping. It was extremely traumatic; and at one time the plane took a sharp left turn [while losing altitude].

“I don’t want to go over it right now,” the caller told the Nation about her experience on Caribbean Airlines Flight BW455.

An airline spokeswoman told AP that  the Boeing 737-800 made an emergency descent, causing the oxygen masks to deploy. Spokeswoman Laura Asbjornsen said there were no injuries to passengers or crew and the plane landed safely in Barbados. There were 48 people on board yesterday’s flight.

Asbjornsen said today that the aircraft is undergoing a thorough maintenance review.

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