Rohee tells community policing members to follow regulations

Minister of Home Affairs Clement Rohee has called on  Community Policing Group (CPG)  members to conduct themselves, whether on or off duty, by the established rules and regulations.

The Home Affairs Minister was addressing issues highlighted and recommendations made by residents of Lusignan Pasture on Thursday evening.

The area established a CPG following the Lusignan massacre, which saw the killing  of 11 people, including children.

Referring to the issue of noise nuisance, he said that residents ought to play their music systems in moderation so that they would not affect others.  Further there are laws in place to address noise nuisance and dictate the manner in which individuals ought to play. Failure to do this can result in defaulters being prosecuted, Rohee said.

And on the question of police outposts being erected in the community, Rohee stated that to date there have been 20 such applications made, and even though it is a costly venture, a contract has been signed by Government for four additional outposts at strategic locations  across the country.

Rohee also said that government is constantly providing the necessary resources to community policing, the police force and other law enforcement agencies for them to efficiently and effectively execute their lawful duties.

Against this background CPGs are encouraged to enlarge their numbers, since the necessary support is in place, and is waiting to be utilized.

Prior to Rohee’s meeting with the Lusignan Pasture residents, he met with residents of Good Hope on Wednesday evening.

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