Chief Justice reduces million dollar bail for fraud accused

Chief Justice (ag) Ian Chang recently reduced a $1.2M bail sum to $20,000 for a Montrose man who was charged with fraudulent conversion.

Ravindra Persaud, 30, of Montrose, East Coast Demerara was arrested by police and charged with the offence on June 10, 2011. It was alleged that he borrowed $950,000 from virtual complainant Robin Somar and fraudulently converted the money.

Persaud’s wife, Heimwati Charran, later filed a petition in the High Court for the bail to be reduced, saying the bail set by Magistrate Judy Latchman was excessive and that her husband was unable to pay the sum.

The Chief Justice significantly reduced the sum after hearing the petition. Attorney Euclin Gomes appeared before the Justice Chang on behalf of the family.

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