Friendship arsonist still at large

Winston Kattow, the father who left his wife and three children homeless when he set their Friendship, East Bank Demerara home on fire on Thursday last, has not yet been apprehended by the police.

When Stabroek News contacted Cheryl Kattow yesterday, she said she was still fearful and will only feel safe when the man is captured.

She also stated that she has not yet given the police a report since every time she visits the station she is told to return at a later date.

The distressed woman related that she was informed that her husband has been keeping in contact with one of his relatives and she has passed that information on to the police.

The woman also stated that she yesterday visited the Guyana Relief Council (GRC) and is currently waiting, with the hope of receiving positive feedback from the organization. She said she requested a few items including a bed, a few kitchen utensils, and clothing for her and her children. “They say they will see because they don’t have anything much at the moment. When they get they will inform me,” the woman said.

She said she was offered shelter at the GRC but refused since she is comfortable where she is at the moment.

However, the woman noted that she will not be able to depend on her relatives forever, adding that she would appreciate any assistance in rebuilding a home for her and her 3 children.

Meanwhile, police said that they are seeking the chainsaw operator in relation to the alleged arson.

In a press release, the police said that the incident occurred at about 9:30 pm on Thursday.

“Investigators have so far revealed that during a domestic argument with his wife, a man threw kerosene on a mattress and lit it afire which subsequently resulted in the complete destruction of the house,” the release stated.

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