Inspector upbraids ranks over treatment of accident victim’s relatives

The relatives of Narine Gajadhar, who died after he was struck down at Bath Settlement, West Coast Berbice, were yesterday granted some satisfaction, as the police officers who verbally abused them were disciplined by a senior officer.

According to Gajadhar’s father Milton, he and some other relatives returned to the Fort Wellington Police Station yesterday, following the post-mortem examination (PME) on the body, as they were instructed to do by the officers on Sunday. A complaint was then lodged with Inspector Persaud, who “pull up the ranks for their behaviour”. Milton said the inspector then promised to do everything in his power, to speed up the process, noting that they are currently awaiting the Director of Public Prosecutions’ advice.

The driver is still in police custody, and Milton is scheduled to give a statement at the station today, as he was the one to witness the PME which was performed at the New Amsterdam Hospital.

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