National remediation programme set for July/August holidays – ministry

The Ministry of Education is again hosting a national remediation programme for weak performers in English and Mathematics over the July/August holidays.

In a press release the ministry said over 15,000 students—at both the primary and secondary levels—are expected to benefit from the initiative, which will start the first week after school closes. The six-week programme is a short-term measure which aims to detect and correct deficiencies in students at the early grades. Its objective is to upgrade learners to an acceptable level in these subject areas so that they would be better able to cope with their studies during the new school term. Tuition will cover key concepts in these subject areas and every learner will be required to undergo pre and post testing exercises to ensure target objectives are met.

According to the ministry, last year 13,500 students participated in the programme which was taught by 800 teachers. “These teachers were trained to impart the programme, using an edutainment approach and the same format will be used this year,” the ministry said. Recently, teachers at the Graham’s Hall and West Ruimveldt primary schools lauded the initiative saying that it provided much needed support to weak pupils and gave them the momentum to boost their performance in the new academic year. The ministry said learners will be provided with snacks and teachers will be given a stipend for the duration of the programme. In addition, the ministry will also be partnering with NGOs to embark on a national literacy campaign during the July/August holidays.

Meanwhile, the post Grade Six remediation programme which focused on pupils who performed poorly at the recent National Grade Six Assessment ended on Friday. The initiative aimed at preparing these pupils for a smooth transition into secondary school from September.

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