Trio confesses to killing retired Bajan assistant police commissioner

(Barbados Nation) Three young men confessed yesterday to killing retired Assistant Commissioner of Police Frederick William Phillips in what “was a robbery gone horribly wrong”.

The elderly man was bound and gagged in his home as the robbers went about ransacking his home in a futile attempt to find jars of money and a gun.

They inflicted a beating on the 95-year-old man in an attempt to get him to reveal where the items were and eventually pushed him under a bed, where he suffocated.

Wendy Stephen Charlemagne, of Hawkins Gap, Westbury Road; Andra Omar Troy Lashley, of Lower Burney; and Kevin Leon Connell, of  Kensington Lodge, who were originally charged with murdering the 95-year-old former cop on November 10, 2009, pleaded guilty yesterday to the lesser count.

Their takings were a few bottles of beer, some PHD juices and two bottles of Absolut and about Bds$100.

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