Thief chopped during Linden attack

A robbery was foiled on Monday night when a would-be thief was dealt several chops about his body before being taken into custody.

Reports are that around 9:45pm on Monday, as a businessman was closing his shop a man pounced on him.

“I had just closed the front of the shop and was about to go out the back when dis tall man rush up to me and said ‘geh me all yuh gat now,’” said Frank Daniels, the shop owner.

At the time, Daniels had a cutlass in his hand as he was preparing to cut up dog meat. Daniels said that he realised that the would-be thief had an object in his hand. “I didn’t know what he had in his hand at the time because of how he rushed me. I just start pelting blows and then I realised that it was a cutlass he had.”

During the scuffle, the thief jumped a fence and Daniels gave chase, all the while screaming for help. Several persons in the neighbourhood came out and together they managed to overpower the man.  He was tied up by residents and handed over to police, who arrived a short while after the arrest.

The man, of Amelia’s Ward, is currently a patient at the Linden Hospital Complex under police guard. He is being treated for multiple chop wounds to the hands, feet and back.

As of recent several homes, small, medium and large businesses in Linden have been suffering at the hands of armed bandits and thieves, most of whom have evaded the grasp of the police, community policing groups and residents. This has prompted residents to be more vigilant.

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