St. Cuthbert’s Mission $25M access road now a disaster area

-Granger told

APNU Presidential Candidate David Granger was told by residents that although $25 million was spent to reconstruct the access road to St. Cuthbert’s Mission, the project which began in 2010 and was completed earlier this year is now a disaster area of sand, mud, grass and water.

According to an APNU (A Partnership For National Unity) press release, the road is now one which only heavy duty and 4-wheel drive vehicles can traverse and residents are calling for a better road to access their community.

Granger and a team from Region Four, including Regional Chairman Clement Corlette, visited the hinterland community of St. Cuthbert’s Mission last  Saturday.

According to the release, the residents also complained that the PPP/C administration has in the last nineteen  years completely ignored the community, only rushing in like “Santa Claus” before General Elections with gifts to purchase votes.

Meanwhile, Granger informed that the  APNU partnership has recruited advocates in St. Cuthbert’s Mission to enquire about residents who did not have their source documents and to ensure that voters were not further disenfranchised.

Granger declared that hinterland residents should be afforded the same consideration and investment the PPP/C administration shares with coastal communities.

The APNU Presidential Candidate and retired Brigadier  went on to say, “An APNU government will ensure that the rights of all Guyanese are respected, that all Guyanese are afforded the same respect, consideration and amenities as other coastal communities”.

Granger also assured the St. Cuthbert’s Mission community that his administration will work tirelessly to ensure “A good life for all Guyanese”, the release concluded.

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