New Starr Computers initiative to support business start-ups

Starr Computers Inc on Tuesday pre-launched its Starr Xfinity Power Center, which is aimed at empowering Guyanese to start their own business.

The centre is to help persons create a business of their own while also supporting employment in their respective communities. The official launching is expected to be during the end of July.

President of Starr Computers, Michael Mohan, during a press briefing, explained that the company is looking to set up 50 centres in Guyana, including in rural areas. “We plan to go outside of Georgetown, throughout Guyana. We are already working with folks in New Amsterdam, Charity, Lethem, Linden, East Coast of Demerara and other areas,” he stated. He added that in cases where there are specific community needs, such as solar power, emphasis will be placed on ensuring that products and services are tailored to meet those needs.

These 50 outlets will offer persons the opportunity to access over 1400 technology products available at Starr Computers while allowing them to visit and have an interview with Starr Computers’ representatives who will guide them as to what is essential in the business they desire. The Power Centre requires a start-up investment of $100,000, limited personnel, minimal floor space and is being presented as a low risk investment.

Mohan also stated that with Starr’s affiliation with major international partners such as Samsung, American Power Conversion (APC), Hewlett Packard (HP) etc., and local companies Republic Bank and GT&T, consumers can be promised a high quality of products and services.

Mohan noted that people in Guyana are very ambitious but cannot elevate themselves without the assistance from the finance world, while adding that the programme is not an expansion of Starr Computer Inc., but an empowerment programme.

Entrepreneurs will benefit in many ways, such as gaining experience in the field of information technology, training in inventory control management, customer service, research and development, marketing and technical skills, he said.

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