Afro-Surinamese must cast off self-pity – Bouterse

(De Ware Tijd) PARAMARIBO – The Surinamese community – Afro-Surinamese in particular – must cast off the feeling of self-pity and turn the scars of the past generations into “somethingof special outer and inner beauty”. This is the essense of President Desi Bouterse’s message to mark Emancipation Day (Keti Koti) yesterday.“It is necessary for us to dealwith our wounds, without blaming the Dutch or anyone else for our problems, but on the other hand, when we go abroad for studies or other business, that country comes to mind first”, the President said. According to him, the community feels itself damaged, underappreciated and disadvantaged. But this is a history that cannot be turned back, but could be used to reflect and change our way of thinking. “Because then we will see the value of ourselves and of others, have the ability to put things in perspective and show a mutual respect towards one another that can serve as an example for the entire region,” President Bouterse said.

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