Annai infant deaths prompt calls for resident doctor

Following the deaths of two babies from flu-like symptoms in Annai earlier this week, residents of the North Rupununi community are calling for a doctor to be stationed there.

On Tuesday, a baby died in the community and residents said that the child had pneumonia. The baby was buried on Wednesday. On Thursday, six-month old Kellon Delton died after suffering similar symptoms. His mother, Sarah Antone said that her first child had gotten sick on Saturday with “fresh cold”. She took him to the Annai Health Centre, where he was treated. But the symptoms got worse and an emergency evacuation was ordered.

While the plane was headed to Lethem from Annai, Delton died.

This was at about 2pm on Thursday. Antone said she believed that her first child had contracted pneumonia. She said that when they first took the child to the health centre, the medex had initially told them to “keep him to see how he will be.”

Afterwards, when the symptoms had gotten worse, the medex gave the child several vaccines and some medication, Antone said. She said that a doctor should be stationed at the Health Centre.

Residents told this newspaper that a doctor had been stationed there but left some time ago and they are awaiting a replacement.

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