Aspiring forensic scientist among Grade Six tops

Eleven-year-old Gabriella Bacchus, whose 529 marks placed her in the top 15 in the country in the 2011 National Grade Six Assessment, is an aspiring forensic scientist.
“I love science and to be able to solve crimes and help people would make me really happy,” the very composed Green Acres Primary School student told Stabroek News. Not surprisingly, she likes watching CSI.

Gabriella Bacchus

She also an avid reader and a budding dancer, and she enjoys reading Nancy Drew and Harry Potter books as well as watching Hannah Montana on television. Her advice to others is to “study hard and sacrifice a lot, it will pay off.”

She said she felt very excited and very happy about her performance. She was grateful to her teachers, God, and her parents for all the help she received during her preparations for the exams. “Studying wasn’t difficult because my parents would sit down and help me with the areas in which I had difficulties, and they also allowed me to have piano lessons, and this was a relaxing way of balancing things out,” the well-spoken pupil stated.

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