City drainage works ongoing

The Mayor and City Council has been carrying out ongoing works to help improve the drainage system by clearing the alleyways and surface drains of bushes, weeds, long grass and silt.

According to a press release, the desilting exercise is ongoing in areas such as Regent Street, Camp Street and other parts of Georgetown.

The press release  noted that  poor drainage restricts the flow of water through the waterways in the city and helps to provide a suitable environment for mosquito breeding and other negative public health problems.

The council also noted that non-biodegradable materials and Styrofoam boxes that are thrown by some of the citizens into the waterways also inhibit the effectiveness of the drainage system in the city.

The council is therefore appealing to the public to assist in this exercise by using proper receptacles to dispose of garbage and urges all building contractors to comply with the by-laws for proper storage of building materials, on the council’s parapets and the other reserves.

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