Gunmen ambush RK guards, escape with millions

Gunmen, in a well-executed attack on Friday, snatched money bags containing million of dollars from two armed security guards who were heading to the headquarters of a city business.

Police in a press release said that the armed robbery occurred at Lombard Street, Georgetown around 17:40 hrs “during which two security guards attached to RK Security Services were attacked and robbed by two men armed with firearms”.

Investigations revealed that the two security guards were escorting a sum of cash in two deposit bags when the vehicle they were travelling in was forced to stop by another motor vehicle which drove across their path. The two armed perpetrators then exited the vehicle and held up the two guards and took away the armed guard’s service .32 revolver with six rounds of ammunition and the bags with the money and escaped.

The police did not say how much money was grabbed but this newspaper was told that it was a significant sum amounting to tens of million of dollars.

Efforts to reach Roshan Khan, the owner of RK and officials of the city business were also futile.

One man said that the incident occurred near Princes Street, through which the gunmen fled after committing the robbery.

Earlier on Friday a gunman grabbed almost $7 million from two Avon clerks as they were preparing to leave the Camp Street location for a city bank.

Police are continuing investigations into both incidents.

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