Friends suspect foul play in death of Sophia mason, 22

A 22-year-old mason yesterday morning collapsed at his front door and died after an hour of panting and his friends suspect foul play.

Andy Dilchand, of 619 C Field, Sophia, Turkeyen, was reportedly consuming alcohol the night prior to his death with his stepfather.

Neighbours and friends of Dilchand explained that when the two returned home after having their drinks, an argument ensued causing Andy to leave the house.

His mother, Surujdai Dilchand, said that her son returned home around 7 am yesterday and immediately requested a cup of tea. “He de just come home and he ain’t even come in the house when he fall in front the door flat on he face,” she stated. The woman explained that she soaked her son’s head while he was breathing heavily but had no means to call for an ambulance or police assistance.

“By the time the neighbours come they say he dead,” the woman added. She further stated that her son’s body lay in her house for hours since she left around 10:30 to go to the police station to make a report on the matter.

Meanwhile, neighbours and friends are furious at Dilchand’s mysterious death and are anxiously awaiting the post-mortem examination which will be done on Wednesday.

One friend said that although a police release said that no marks of violence were seen on the body, blood was discovered on sand in the yard nearby to where Dilchand had collapsed. “He had a big bash in his head! How they can say he ain’t had no marks of violence?” one woman questioned.

Another individual said that it was suspected that Dilchand was poisoned. “The man de strong, strong up to last night,” another friend sorrowfully said, “but he was in pain…he went asking for painkillers before he go home and he face de swell up big, big,” he added.

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