Granger urges spirit of forgiveness over Son Chapman

A Partnership for National Unity presidential candidate David Granger has urged Lindeners to develop a spirit of forgiveness for those who they alleged planted the bomb on the Son Chapman that claimed the lives of 43 persons in the community.

He was speaking this morning at a commemoration event at Hurudaia, Upper Demerara River where the boat tragedy took place 47 years ago. It remains one of the most bitterly disputed events in the race violence of 1964.

He urged that the commemoration event should not be used for revenge or to punish anyone but rather to forgive and to do what’s necessary to prevent a recurrence. He assured that for the 50th anniversary of the event the memorial site would be developed into a park.

Granger, the candidate of the PNCR, was recently named APNU’s presidential candidate. APNU is the banner under which the joint opposition parties are contesting the general elections.

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