Off-duty cop stabbed while rescuing wife from robber

An off-duty policeman was stabbed with an ice-pick yesterday after he tried to free his wife from an armed robber.

Police say that at about 0250h yesterday Police Sergeant 18905 Chandradat Kuldeep along with his wife and three friends were on their way home when he observed two men on a motor scooter robbing a man and a woman of their jewellery on the Eccles Public Road, EBD.

The police rank and his three friends went to the assistance of the two persons being robbed and during this a third perpetrator on a bicycle attacked the police Sergeant’s wife in an attempt to rob her, a release from the police said. The Sergeant ran back to his wife’s assistance and during a scuffle with the man he was stabbed to his neck with an ice-pick.

The two men on the scooter and the man on the bicycle managed to escape.

The release said that Sergeant Kuldeep was taken to a private hospital where the wound was stitched and he is receiving further medical attention. His condition is regarded as stable.

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