Newborn abandoned at Merriman’s Mall

A live newborn was last evening found abandoned in the Merriman’s Mall, Bourda.

The baby boy was discovered at about 9:15 last night by Claire Thomas-Johnson, who was attending a barbecue that was being held at the mall.

Thomas-Johnson said she went to the washroom and while walking alongside some of the stalls she saw discovered the baby wrapped up “in a pull-up for a one-year-old” on the concrete. “I didn’t sure if the baby was alive, so I come around and call [for assistance],” she said.

Latoya Drakes was one of the persons who responded and she took the baby to the Georgetown Public Hospital. She said when she arrived at the hospital, the staff there told her the child was just hours old. “I hug he up and rub he up because he deh cold and pale.  He too sweet,” she said.  “He’s a hefty baby. He look healthy.”

Other persons who saw the infant said they could tell he was newborn because of the state of his navel.

Meanwhile, those who found the child believe the discovery was a divine act. “Is God. It got o be God,” Thomas-Johnson said, explaining that normally persons don’t traverse the parts where the baby was found. She explained that normally when they have functions at the mall they would rent toilets but this was not the case last evening.  According to her, if the child was not found tonight it is highly unlikely that he would have survived until morning.

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