Jagdeo blasts negative media

(De Ware Tijd) ST. KITTS/PARAMARIBO – “Good communication is lacking in the region and this is an obstacle (to integration and development … eds.). The Western world believes it is superior. This is because some media houses have made an industry out of filling their front pages and news broadcasts with negative reports; news of someone losing a finger or of a robbery. If nothing bad happens, old stories are recycled. If this is the only information coming out of the region, people will not see my beautiful country, its clean nature and its development.” Guyana’s President Bharrat Jagdeo made these remarks on the last day of the 32rd CARICOM Heads of Government meeting in St. Kitts. President Desi Bouterse says the problem of communication was discussed at great length in St. Kitts. “Suriname should also communicate more with the other countries. The negative is often accentuated by groups that have influence in the media, so the countries do not become familiar with one another. This is also the case with Suriname,” Bouterse says.

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