Jagdeo tells DWT: `We must move beyond border dispute’

(De Ware Tijd) ST. KITTS/PARAMARIBO – Outgoing Guyanese President Bharrat Jagdeo supports the policy of Suriname’s government. “Our countries must grow towards each other beyond the border disputes. It is not that we will forget the borders, but if we work together, it will be easier to find solutions and people can focus on the positive,” Jagdeo says in an exclusive interview with DWT. He points out that the border disputes are one of the reasons why he meets so often with his Surinamese counterpart Desi Bouterse. “Our relations must go further than the borders. One way or another, we are stuck in the past and the borders have been misused by people who do not want to see that movement and refuse to accept reality. The reality is that we must work together to develop our countries in the interest of our peoples” Jagdeo says. “The views of Suriname and Guyana are well-known. But Bouterse is not attempting to change Suriname’s views. I am also not trying to change Guyana’s historic views. What we are saying is that those will remain unchanged for now and likely for a longer time. We are saying that we must move on.”

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