Bajan doctors group says Cuban medical training not up to scratch

(Barbados Nation) Cuban-trained doctors  are just not up to scratch for Barbados’ medical requirements, says the Barbados Association of Medical Practitioners (BAMP).

Their assessment was contained in an emailed statement sent to BAMP membership on Monday which was signed by the association’s president, Dr Carlos A Chase.

The email stated that members who worked with a group of Cuban-trained doctors were concerned about:

-their lack of basic medical knowledge,

-their lack of hands on experience and confidence examining patients, and

-their lack of practical skills.

The statement said: “These deficiencies relate to the Cuban training where apparently in the far east country hospitals of Cuba, training is geared to a different level … numbers that prevent hands on skills …. lack of emphasis on clinical examination skills … lack of training in and use of modern drugs ….. not to mention training in a different environment, language and medical tradition.”

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