Corentyne man killed in hit and run

A 44-year-old man was killed on the Corentyne Highway on Wednesday night by a hit and run driver.

According to reports, Jairam Sheoprashad  called  Rajendra Looknauth and ‘Buckie’ of Topoo Village, had gone to a wake at Fyrish and was on his way home when he was killed.

Residents of the area said they heard an impact just before midnight but by the time they went out they saw just the man’s mangled body on the road. There was no sign of a vehicle.

Jairam Sheoprashad

At Sheoprashad’s home, his widow Hema Devi Looknauth said, she received a call which indicated that he was involved in an accident. She went to the Port Mourant Hospital, but he was not there.

She subsequently found that his body had been taken to Ramoo’s Funeral Home at Rose Hall.

He had sustained severe injuries to his upper body.

In company with other relatives, the mother of nine said she went to the scene of the accident where she discovered portions of the vehicle’s licence number plate ‘G 319’, which was subsequently lodged at the Albion Police Station.

From left: Nalini, Devastree, Kimberly (with baby in arms), his widow Hema Devi, Chanda, and Parsram.

In addition to his nine children, the former cane harvester, who worked with the Guyana Sugar Corporation for 14 years, leaves to mourn his wife, three grandchildren, siblings and other relatives.

The police are investigating.

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