Man accused of violently robbing sister

Rawl Campbell was yesterday accused of using personal violence while robbing his sister of her gold chain and pendant.

The allegation against Campbell is that on June 29 at Georgetown, he robbed Dionne Campbell of a chain and pendant, valued $75,000, and at the same time, immediately before or immediately after, he used personal violence on her.

He was at the time appearing before acting Chief Magistrate Priya Sewnarine-Beharry, who later set bail in the sum of $100,000.

Campbell, 39, of 164 Charlotte Street denied the charge of robbery with violence when it was read to him at the Georgetown Magistrates’ Court.

Attorney George Thomas, who represented the accused, said that according to his instructions a property dispute was the genesis of the problems.

Thomas made an application for his client to be granted bail in a reasonable sum, advancing that he poses no risk of flight, has a fixed address and has been cooperating with police investigations.

Counsel said that his client is anxious to clear his name of the charge and as a result will return to stand trial.

In presenting the prosecution’s facts of the case, Police Sergeant Lionel Harvey told the court that on the day in question, the complainant had just returned home from paying bills when she and her brother started to argue.

According to Harvey, during the argument, Campbell dealt his sister several blows about her body, after which he relieved her of the gold chain and pendant she was wearing. The matter was subsequently reported to the police and the accused was arrested and charged.

The prosecution had no objection to the defendant being granted his pre-trial liberty but requested that bail should be in a substantial sum and conditions attached.

After listening to the case, the magistrate informed the father of one that bail would be granted on the condition that he removes from his present residence—located opposite his sister’s—while the matter is being determined.

When asked if there was another residence to which he can remove, Campbell said that he will relocate to his relatives’ Middle Road, La Penitence home.

Additionally, the defendant was ordered to report to Lance Corporal Chin at Brickdam Police Station every Monday and Friday at 8:30am. The matter was transferred to Court Five for today.

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