Sukhai on Region Nine outreach

-potable water supply, school supplies needed, say residents

Minister of Amerindian Affairs Pauline Sukhai and a team met with Region Nine residents to allow them an opportunity to voice their concerns about issues affecting their livelihoods during a recent outreach exercise to several villages.

Residents told the team that they needed a more reliable water supply at the schools, more teachers and furniture for the primary and nursery schools in their communities. “A request was also made for the community’s health post to be rehabilitated and upgraded,” a Government Information Agency (GINA) release said.

In response, the minister gave assurances that the matters raised will be forwarded to the relevant ministries for the necessary action to be taken.

According to GINA, at Apoteri Sukhai and her team which comprised Permanent Secretary Collin Croal, Region Nine Vice-Chair Claire Singh and other officers, noted the transformation that the community has undergone.

The minister said several new schools and other facilities have been built in the village and students also benefit from the school uniform assistance and feeding programmes, as obtains in other communities.

She urged the youth to capitalise on the opportunities available as they have been engineered to ensure that every child in Guyana has access to education.

Sukhai also said that “because of the educational advantages that are available to young people today they are able to make more informed decisions that would enhance their living standards.” Therefore, she urged the youth to utilise their land and environment resources which are critical elements towards ensuring sustained livelihood.

The team also visited Crashwater and Rewa in the North Rupununi, where residents were advised to draft and submit their Community Development Plans to source funds and other resources to boost their livelihoods. GINA said toshaos were also encouraged to make use of the opportunities presented during the National Toshaos Council’s conference to help government make informed decisions regarding their villages’ development.

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