Suspected Bartica food poisoning victims discharged

The five children from Kaow Kaow, Bartica, who were suspected victims of food poisoning, were yesterday discharged from the Georgetown Public Hospital (GPH).

Their nine-year-old sister, Anna Dyal, succumbed on Sunday at the Bartica Hospital.

When Stabroek News yesterday visited the Paediatric Ward at the GPH, the mother of the children, Latchmin Dyal, was seen hurriedly packing the children’s belongings as she related that they received a letter from the hospital’s social worker, indicating that the children were ready for discharge.

“Them deh good. The doctors ain’t really tell me wa happen, just that they feel alright and all of them can go home,” the woman stated.

Four-year-old Akeisha Roberts, seven-year-old Amanda Roberts, 10-year-old Shondell Rupertie and 14-year-old Juney Dyal were all seen merrily traversing the ward, excitedly waiting to return home. Fifteen-year-old Orvin Rupertie was said to be in the Male Surgical Ward at the time.

According to Dyal, last Friday she went out to Monkey Jump with the three girls, while the older siblings and their 76-year-old grandfather remained at home.

Dyal said that when they returned on Saturday afternoon, she discovered cooked chicken in the pot, which they later had for dinner. “Everybody de alright,” Dyal said, adding that afterwards they all watched a movie then retired to bed.

Around 5 am on Sunday, Dyal recounted, her 15-year-old woke up and began a bout of vomiting, and he was soon followed by Anna whose symptoms were worse than his. As a result, Anna was rushed by Dyal and her 13-year-old daughter, who was unaffected by the symptoms, to the Bartica Hospital.

While there, the woman said, she received a call from a neighbour informing her that all the other children along with their grandfather were experiencing vomiting and diarrhoea.

As she could not return for the others herself, Dyal said, she called her eldest daughter, who lives at Monkey Jump, and had her transport them to the hospital.

At around 2 pm, Anna died at the hospital and as a result the others, save for the grandfather, were rushed to the GPH. They arrived around 1.30am on Monday and were admitted.

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