PPP/C Linden support group appoints shadow ministers

The recently-formed Linden Civic Society (LCS) has identified its shadow ministers for the main government sectors and has revealed that it intends to employ round-table discussions in dealing with issues, as its membership begins to grow.

The group is working towards setting a framework that would ensure a majority vote for the People’s Progressive Party/Civic (PPP/C) at the national and regional elections scheduled for later this year. Chairman of the group Dennis ‘Jafar’ Muhammed announced that Teon Charter has been appointed shadow minister of the health ministry. Charter is a medical student at the Charles Rosa School of Nursing and is attached to the Linden Hospital Complex. He is also Vice Chairman of the LCS.

Harold Hutson, the group’s head of security is the shadow minister of Home Affairs; Treasurer Dellon Saul, the shadow minister of finance and secretary/treasurer, Janella Cort is the shadow minister of Amerindian Affairs. Cort has previous work experience in this ministry. Public Relations Officer Vanessa Mitchell has been appointed shadow minister of communications and the LCS Secretary Anita Elliot has been appointed the shadow minister of education.

The LCS says it plans to engage in round-table discussions in dealing with issues related to the various ministries rather than using a confrontational approach.

“I can vouch for the integrity of all of our executive members because all of them are of various religious backgrounds and are committed family persons and that is a plus for us,” Muhammed said.

In anticipation of its first general members meeting set for the new week, the group is currently working with the national administration formulating a number of projects it intends to execute prior to the national elections. “We hope to have these projects commence in another two to three weeks from now,” the chairman said, though he declined to give further details as the projects have yet to be finalised.

According to Muhammed the group has grown significantly since its start and it has been encouraging interested persons to join. “People have been coming some are giving you the thumbs up, want to register and some don’t want to register but the response has been overwhelming,” he said.

In a press release the group said it was also urging persons to “get involved with the political process and help other leaders rather than talking.” When Muhammad was asked to shed more light on this statement, he said the LCS is encouraging every citizen to give their votes, with meaningful advice, to the party of choice.

“As a civic group we are still advising other youngsters to get themselves and assist the other political parties,” he said, adding that while his group is supporting the PPP/C administration it believes that encouraging support and assistance for the other political parties can lead to betterment in the Linden community.

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