Essequibo man gets death sentence for killing brother

An Essequibo man was last Friday found guilty of the murder of his brother and was sentenced to death by hanging by Justice Franklin Holder, at the Suddie High Court.

Janaite Lall, called ‘Sunil,’ of Walton Hall, Essequibo Coast, was visibly shocked. He was re-tried after a mixed jury could not reach a verdict last November.

Last Friday, Justice Holder summed up the case and left it to the jury for consideration. The jury deliberated for just over two hours and came back with the unanimous verdict of guilty of murder. The accused was then sentenced to death by hanging by Justice Holder.

Lall was found guilty of killing Daveanand Sookdeo, called ‘Dammon,’ on September 5, 2007 at Walton Hall. The men, who had been drinking “bush rum,” had an argument and Lall was later seen firing a knife at Sookdeo.

State Prosecutor Latchmie Rahamat presented the indictment on June 16.

Lall, who was represented by Attorney Lashley Bobb, pleaded not guilty. The state presented its case, leading seven witnesses. It closed its case on June 30.

At the close of the prosecution’s case, the defence made no-case submissions, to which the state prosecutor replied. Justice Holder overruled the no-case submissions and called on Lall to lead a defence.

Lall subsequently made an unsworn statement from the dock and the defence counsel opted not to address the jury. The prosecution did not address the jury either.

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