Adventure father, two children found dead

-murder/suicide suspected

The community of Adventure on the Essequibo Coast is in a state of shock today after the lifeless bodies of a 25-year old automotive technician and his two children were found in a  backdam area behind the community this morning.

Dead is  Ranveer Persaud, called Joe whose body was found hanging from a tree by his father on a farm. The bodies of his two children, two-year- old Viva and her four year-old brother, Shiva were found face down in a small canal. The gruesome discovery was made by the man’s father around 5 am this morning when he went to graze his cows.

Ranveer Persaud and his two children photographed last year
Ranveer Persaud and his two children photographed last year

Reports are that Persaud and his wife, who married at a young age, have had a turbulent relationship which spiralled out of control recently.

According to reports, the man and his wife were arguing last evening and he later told his father, Poorashpan Persaud who lives in the community that he was going to spend the night at him (the father) along with his children. The young man’s mother died when he was a toddler.

Ranveer Persaud
Ranveer Persaud

He reportedly left his home with the children for his father’s residence late last evening but after he did not show up, his father became alarmed. Early this morning, as he grazed his cows in the backlands, the elderly man was confronted by the sight of a man’s body hanging from a mango tree.

He returned to the community and alerted residents but was shocked to see the man was in fact his son who he identified from the clothes he wore. The man then cut down the rope and  became worried that something terrible might  have happened to his grandchildren.

Some 40 yards away from the mango tree, residents came upon the bodies of the two children, lying face down in the canal close to a pond, and they appeared to have drowned. They were also frothing from the mouth.

Residents did not recall any suspicious noises coming from the area.

The bodies of the man and his two children were taken away from the scene sometime after daybreak today as residents reacted in disbelief at the incident. The man’s wife, who remained indoors for most of the morning, was later questioned by the police.

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