GNBS concludes nation-wide weights and measures verification exercise

The Guyana National Bureau of Standards (GNBS) seized 565 scales, 19 masses and six measures during a recent weights and measurers surveillance exercise it conducted countrywide during the first half of the year.

In a press release, the GNBS said Weights and Measures officers conducted the exercise at 5,655 premises countrywide to ensure that all devices used in commercial trade were verified and stamped for the period under review. The officers also found that some stakeholders had been delinquent in submitting their devices for stamping and as such a number of temporary locations have been established to expand the exercise and better facilitate vendors, shopkeepers and other users of scales.

Meanwhile, the GNBS said its officers completed verification exercises which included the stamping of scales, masses and measures used for the commercial trade at shops, markets, supermarkets, hospitals, clinics, health centres, manufacturing companies, fish complexes, rice mills, petrol stations and bulk terminals. Verification figures for new devices for the year have indicated that 565 scales, 1,187 masses and 688 electricity meters have been verified while for devices already in use 3,714 scales, 7,463 masses, 32 measures and 60 electricity meters were subsequently verified.

In addition, a total of 59 weighbridge scales used in various industries and rice mills, 822 petrol pumps, 53 bulk meters, 12 fuel compartments for trucks and 14 storage tanks were verified. Of the total, 207 petrol pumps were found to be inaccurate and had to be calibrated.

The surveillance and verification exercise for the second half of the year will run from July to September.

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