Overseas medical mission in Linden performing surgeries

The Linden Fund USA-sponsored Overseas Medical Assistance Team (OMAT) 2011 mission to Linden kicked off at the Linden Hospital Complex (LCH) on Monday with doctors performing a number of surgeries and other medical procedures.

The LF and OMAT have collaborated to bring off yet another medical mission at the Linden Hospital Complex that will run until Saturday.

This year’s mission comes on the heels of the 20th anniversary of  OMAT which had its first mission in Linden.

A section of the crowd for the medical mission at the Linden Hospital Complex on Monday morning.

And head of the medical team Dr. Stephen Carryl and his support physicians teamed up on Monday with local doctors and nurses to conduct a number of surgeries that were gynaecological in nature.

Other members of the team were engaged in attending to walk-ins who were seen by Gynaecologist Fonda Campbell, a Lindener by birth, and Dr. Donna Constant, a Trinidadian, while simple procedures including assessments and evaluations were facilitated by Terry Gravesande and JoAnne Carryl.

In a brief interview between surgeries Chairman of Surgery at the Brooklyn Hospital Center and a board member of the Linden Fund, Dr. Carryl, who is the team leader, expressed optimism about providing a professional service to the residents of Linden.

He said that they are hoping to perform as many surgeries as possible over the five days. In excess of sixty persons were assessed on Monday while four major surgeries were done.

Left to right, Dr. Donna Constant (seated),Carol Carryl, Dr. Stephen Carryl and Dr. Faunda Campbell in deliberation at the LHC.

Surgical procedures were scheduled to continue yesterday  while the larger part of the team will be engaging the community in health and wellness awareness lectures at the Linden Enterprise Netw-ork followed by the women empowerment forum under the theme ‘It’s Time for Transformation’.

Similar sessions including a psychiatric lecture specifically for nurses will continue for the remainder of the week.

The mission sponsor, LF USA prides itself in being a reputable organization that provides extensive services for the people of Linden through university and high school scholarships, the annual teachers workshop, the annual spelling bee contest, partnerships with the Linden Care Foundation on the ‘Adopt-A-Child’ programme, the ‘Back to Linden Town Week’ drive, the ‘Employ-ment for Lindeners’ programme and the  ‘Medical Outreach and Support’ programme.

In addition, the LFU is leading the way in collaborating with the Guyana Govern-ment, Region 10, the Mayor and Town Council, the Chamber of Commerce and the business community in developing a strategic plan for making Linden competitive in the global economy.

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